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The Walking Dead, S4 Episode 14: “The Grove”

Image from AMC.com

Woof. So much happened in last night’s episode of The Walking Dead (TWD). Episode 14 “The Grove” featured a realization, a confession, and a resolution. Will Creepy Lizzie still be all creepy? Will Carol tell Tyresse her secret? Will we find out what happened to Beth? All these and more below.

*** As always big giant smoldering spoilers here on out. Proceed with caution and don’t forget to count the flowers. ***

5 Random Thoughts On The Walking Dead, Season 4 Episode 14: “The Grove”

1.  Welcome to the party Psycho Lizzie

Image from AMC.com

Image from AMC.com

Creepy Lizzie has been creeping me out since the beginning of season 4. I thought she was starting to come around right before the prison fell. Carol was taking her under her wing. She seemed less afraid of the world, and she wanted to help fight when the Governor attacked the prison.

After which, she found herself running through the Georgia woods with Mika, Judith and Tyresse things began to degrade rapidly for Lizzie. Sure it’s one thing to kill rats and leave them for walkers roaming the fence (I knew it was her) or not understanding that walkers aren’t just “different” from people. She’s just a kid. Like I’ve said in previous posts – kids are dumb. But once they were on their own Lizzie began to show signs of someone who wasn’t regressing but evolving into something else.

Perhaps it was killing the two members of the Governor’s group that pushed her over the edge. Perhaps the stress of being on the run. However, it happened her beliefs on the walkers has cemented. At one point, she even laments about shooting one of the Governors members in the head ruining her chance from coming back. Cool.

Add in the killing of bunnies, the rat that Tyresse found in the tombs of the prison, and nearly smothering Judith and we’re officially changing Creepy Lizzie’s name to Psycho Lizzie.

Which also sounds like a great name for an all-girl punk band.

2. Everyone in TWD is near each other, kinda.

Image from AMC.com

Image from AMC.com

Since the prison fell, TWD has done a great job of leaving clues of the groups crossing paths with each other. I think this is to show that all the different groups are close to each other but without any ways to communicate they are going to keep missing the chance to reunite.

Tonight’s clue was the ominous forest fire taking place somewhere.

Pop quiz Tyresse! What started the forest fire?

A) Lightning
B) A campfire
C) Daryl and Beth who burned down a cabin while drunk on moonshine

Carol and Tyresse see black smoke from a fire in the distance and assume it was either lightening or a campfire. Of course, they couldn’t have any idea it was Team Daryl and Beth. Just like Daryl has no idea that the group he joined at the end of episode 13 was the same group that Rick narrowly escaped from a couple of episodes ago. Also, Glenn seems to have found the same Terminus signs along the railroad that Maggie/Sasha/Bob are following.

With everyone being relatively close to one another it appears likely that some of the groups will merge either at Terminus or along the way.

3. Lizzie and Mika

Image from AMC.com

Image from AMC.com

Because I used to read the comics, I could see where Lizzie and Mika’s storyline was headed. It wasn’t the same as the TV show, but the signs pointed that Lizzie was going to do something like this. In the comic, the two characters were twin boys one of whom slowly becomes a psychopath and ends up killing his brother. He believes that no one can die since everyone comes back. The group locks him up and discusses what to do with him. While they are debating Carl sneaks into where they are keeping him and kills him.

Yeesh, right?

It is also around this time that I stopped reading the comic. I didn’t have kids when I bailed out of the comics. Now, as the father of two boys, I find this stuff uncomfortable. I’m glad that the show didn’t “show” either Mika or Lizzie’s death. I am also pleased that there aren’t any more children among the cast. Well, except Judith but they wouldn’t kill another little girl…would they?

4. TWD loves killing little girls

Image from AMC.com

Image from AMC.com

In case anyone has been keeping count Mika, and Lizzie marked the 6th and 7th little girl to get snuffed on the show. How is that possible you ask? Well..

Little girl #1: Unnamed walker girl – This happened in the very first scene of TWD while a clean-shaven Rick was looking for gas. He happens upon a little walker girl carrying a stuffed bunny and shoots her in the head. If that doesn’t define your audience, then I don’t know what does.

Little girl #2: Sophia – She runs off, gets bit, and is put in Hershel’s barn until Rick shoots her in the head.

Little girl #3: Penny – The Governor’s walker daughter gets her hair brushed then put down when a pissed off Michonne shoved a katana blade through her head.

Little girl #4: Megan – While digging (in the mud) she gets herself bit by a walker, and the Governor takes care of the rest and shoots her in the head.

Little girl #5: Molly – This was a background character that is with the other children in prison. The last we see of Molly is her fleeing the prison, and assumed dead. Since she wasn’t much of a character, I doubt we’ll hear from her again.

Little girl #6: Mika – Poor sweet Mika. Killed by her psycho sister. Then Carol has to make sure she doesn’t come back.

Little girl #7: Lizzie – Poor psycho Lizzie. Can’t be trusted around people. Broken and confused. Carol puts her down “Of Mice and Men” style.

It does not pay to be a little girl on this show. Keep that little head on a swivel Judith!

5. A confession and a resolution

Image from AMC.com

Image from AMC.com

Carol confesses to Tyresse that she killed Karen at the end of the episode. After burying Lizzie and Mika, Carol can’t keep her secret from Tyresse anymore. Part of me believes she did this because at that moment she doesn’t care if he kills her or not. Carol doesn’t strike me as someone that would just give up. But allowing Tyresse to kill her would give her an out.

Tyresse doesn’t kill her. Instead, he forgives her. At first, I thought he took that well for someone who has been going on and on about losing his girlfriend. But then I remembered he was an accomplice to Carol bumping off Psycho Lizzie, so I don’t think he was in a position to pass judgment anymore.

Also, this is the world they live in now. People die. Good people do terrible things. No one has clean hands in this world. Tyreese forgives her but also says “He’ll never forget.” That’s about as good of a resolution one can hope for in TWD.

Lightning Round Random Thoughts:

  • I need a hug
  • Mika named her doll “Graziella Gunderson” everything these kids do is creepy
  • Hey, fire walkers! That’s the worst thing I ever saw.
  • I knew Lizzie was feeding those walkers at the prison. Glad they finally answered that.
  • You forget that Tyresse lost Karen only a couple of weeks ago in TWD time. Even though in our time it was six months ago.
  • I yelled at my TV “Don’t do it Carol!” when I thought she was going to confess to Tyresse while they got water.
  • Judith has become the quietest baby ever. The only thing that made her cry was Mika firing a gun near her. Way to go Lil’Asskicker.
  • Guess we will find out what happened to Beth eventually.
  • No, seriously I need a hug.

Woof, that was a rough one. Next week looks like it’s going to be about Team Glenn & Abraham’s Army as well as seeing if Daryl is playing nicely with his new friends.

Till next time.


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