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The Walking Dead, S4 Episode 13: “Alone”

Last week it was all Daryl and Beth. I was thinking about coming up with a combined name for them like the tabloids do with celebrity couples. So far I have “Daeth” which sounds a little too much like “Death” (that’s a bad sign). The other option is “Beryl” which sounds okay but reminds me of something that Merle might name his other twin daughter after naming the first one ‘Meryl.’ So I guess I’ll just stick with Team Camp Dixon for now.

While last week was all Team Camp Dixon, this week appears to feature Team Maggie/Sasha/Bob’Angelo Barksdale. I need to work on that team name. Will we lose our first survivor tonight? Is Maggie closer to finding Glenn? Is Bob’Angelo Barksdale wishing he was drinking moonshine with Team Camp Dixon?

*** As always this is your gentle reminder that there are big hairy yucky spoilers from here on out. Proceed piggyback style with caution. ***


Image from AMC.com

Here are my 5 Random Thoughts On…The Walking Dead, Season 4 Episode 13: “Alone”…

1. Whoa a Bob’Angelo Barksdale origin story.

If you had given me a thousand guesses on how tonight’s episode would start, I would never have guessed with a Bob’Angelo Barksdale background story.

We open with Bob’Angelo wandering alone. Scruffy. He has the deadest eyes. He looks like a man who has given up but not to the point of dying. He still wants to live as he takes precautions to protect himself while he finds places to hole up and get shitfaced. He, in fact, appears to adapt at surviving alone. He doesn’t have any significant firepower, vehicle or shelter. He calmly avoids walkers wandering in the woods, and he is resourceful in finding places to get rest…and shitfaced.

It was interesting to see Bob’s introduction to the group. Daryl and Glenn find him wandering alone on the road. This version of Bob’Angelo is the last survivor from two different groups. He is alone for the second time after losing everyone (again). Bob apparently passes the Dixon Polygraph portion of membership when he answers the “Three Questions.”

I loved the way this episode opened. And I was happy to see Bob get screen time as this was the most Bob-heavy episode since his medicine run with Daryl, Tyresse, and Michonne. I hope starting off with Bob’s beginnings isn’t an omen that this might be his end.

2. Welcome to Camp Dixon Part II

"BETH SAVE THE PIG'S FEET!" - Daryl  //  AMC.com

“BETH SAVE THE PIG’S FEET!” – Daryl // AMC.com

It looks like we’re getting a bonus episode of Team Camp Dixon this week. Daryl is continuing to teach Beth the ways of ‘Daryl.’ We find him showing her how to track, and she even gets to hold his crossbow. There are many rules at Camp Dixon. One which Beth forgot was Rule #27 – Watch out for bear traps when sneaking up on walkers.

Other rules for Camp Dixon include the following (in no particular order)

Rule #18 – Mandatory piggyback rides.
Rule #49 – Dandelions + grave + young girl who just lost her father = holding hands.
Rule #1 – Diet Soda and pigs feet = white trash brunch.
Rule # 17 – Beth’s singing is annoying unless there isn’t a jukebox.
Rule #32 – Don’t run long distances after eating pigs feet and diet soda.
Rule #53 – Coffins make an excellent bed.
Rule #13 – If you hear the tripwire and look outside to see a dog. If the tripwire goes off again, there is no need to peek outside again. There’s no chance it won’t be that same gross mangy dog.
Rule #89 – Remember to kill that douche who wants to take my vest.

3. I like Positive Attitude Bob (PAB)

Goodbye Bob'Angelo Barksdale Hello Positive Attitude Bob (PAB) Image from AMC.com

Goodbye Bob’Angelo Barksdale Hello Positive Attitude Bob (PAB) Image from AMC.com

Goodbye Bob’Angelo Barksdale, hello Positive Attitude Bob (PAB)

The last time Bob had any significant screen time Daryl was threatening his life for scavenging booze instead of medical supplies. After that episode, I expected our remaining time with Bob to be short. You don’t disappoint Daryl and live very long in The Walking Dead universe.

But Bob survived. He saved his friends in prison and helped defend it against the Governor’s army. When the prison fell, he escaped with Sasha and Maggie with a bullet hole in his arm.

To say that Bob is handling the prison falling well is an understatement. While in prison Bob was quiet, kept to himself and hiding a terrible alcoholic secret. After being shot and running for his life through the woods of Georgia, he’s grown super positive. In fact, I’m retiring the Bob’Angelo Barksdale nickname and giving him a new nickname – Positive Attitude Bob (PAB).

When his last two groups were wiped out, PAB found himself alone and wandering. This time, with his group scattered, he found himself with two friends (one a possible love interest). He isn’t alone, and as a result, he’s in a pretty great mood and super confident that they will find the rest of their group. He is adamant on the three of them sticking together. Even when Maggie takes off on her own, he drags Sasha along to find her (for the time being).

On the downside, all these positive vibes are giving me anxiety. I expect PAB to die just about every time he is on the screen. It’s going to bum me out when this happens. I hope it doesn’t happen for some time. I’d like to see more from him as well as the relationship between PAB and Sasha.

4. Speaking of Sasha and Maggie…

Nobody tells me what to do!   //  Image from AMC.com

Nobody tells me what to do! // Image from AMC.com

The survivors in The Walking Dead have a bad habit of not listening to anybody. Back when the prison was under attack if everyone just stayed on the bus, then most of our mini groups would be one big group. But no. Everyone wants to run off and do whatever they want to do.

Sasha wants to find some higher ground and try and rebuild. She doesn’t want to continue to look for Glenn or any of the others (including her brother). Maggie is going to keep looking for Glenn but doesn’t want Sasha and PAB to risk their lives for her. PAB, being the only sensible one in the trio, thinks whatever they do they should stick together.

This being TWD, of course, Maggie sneaks off without the others to continue her quest to find Glenn causing PAB and Sasha to go after her. That is until Sasha finds a lovely studio apartment in her price range and decides she’d rather give that a go. Suddenly we have three characters going in three different directions with limited supplies. Yipee!

But, if this didn’t happen then we wouldn’t have been able to watch Maggie use a traffic sign like a battle axe. That was by far the highlight of the night for me. My reaction went like this:

Me: What…what does she have there? Is, is that a sign? (cleaves walker head off) OH, MY GOD! DID YOU SEE THAT (shakes wife sitting next to me) !!!

Congratulations on the Walker Moment of the Night (WMotN) award Maggie.  I couldn’t find an image or clip of Maggie wielding that sign like a barbaric Viking anywhere so instead here is a funny picture I found of Maggie.


THANK YOU, SWEET BABY JESUS, SOMEONE FINALLY BROUGHT UP THAT VOICE ON THE RADIO! Finally, someone remembers they heard a voice on the car radio. Thank you PAB for remembering. He said he listened to a voice but at the time couldn’t understand what she was saying. Whatever, I can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that I did not make up the fact that Daryl, Tyresse, PAB, and Michonne all heard a woman’s voice on the radio when they were out searching for antibiotics.

I was questioning myself. I was starting to think I made this all up. Whew. The only thing better would have been when PAB brought it up Sasha or Maggie would have said “WTF PAB?! Why are you just bringing this up now? That seems like big news?”

This is how I felt last night.

This is how I felt last night.

That’s it. That’s all I have this week. Nothing will top that.

Lightning Random Thoughts

  • Daryl yanking the arrow out of walker’s head as he escaped the basement of the funeral home was badass.
  • That was the gang that Rick escaped from; I knew we’d be seeing those guys again.
  • The actor who plays the leader of the group ALWAYS plays a villain.
  • I guess we’ll find out what happened to Beth eventually?
  • I like that Glenn and Daryl made Bob ride in the back of the truck when they first met. “Hey, buddy with the 3ft machete hop on in…no, not here. In the back.”
  • I don’t own a gun, but if I did, I think I’d make sure the gun was on that side that let me use my arm without the bullet hole.
  • PAB got game.
  • That was the ugliest dog I ever saw, and I’m glad they ate it.
  • Seriously, Daryl, you eat some pig feet, and you just start opening front doors without even checking?
  • If PAB does find himself alone again and meets another group to take him in, I hope for his sake he doesn’t mention his three prior groups.
  • I liked how every takes PAB’s word that the walker just bit the bandage. “Hey that’s great Bob, now roll up your sleeves and let’s take a look.”
  • That walker fog scene was great.
  • I laughed out loud when PAB tried to sleep while listening to that walker grunting out in the woods. How does anyone sleep?
  • Between the outfit, writing notes in walker blood, sleeping between dead walkers for cover and that battle ax Maggie is turning into a total badass.



“Where the f@# is the ‘You Are Here’ symbol?” // Image from AMC.com


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