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The Walking Dead: Deathpool Game (Season 4)


During season 3’s mid-season break, I came up with a game for my coworkers and me who love The Walking Dead. It’s a “Death pool” game and it is very simple.  Everyone gets one of the sheets below…

TWD Death pool (Season 4)

…and selects 5 characters that they believe will meet their untimely end during the last half of Season 4.  If your character(s) goes to the big “Woodbury in the sky” you receive the points associated with them.

The points are distributed based on the likeliness that character is going to die. Rick and Carl have the highest points because it is unlikely that they will be killed off while a character like Lizzie and her little sister whats-her-name might be walker fodder.

It’s important to note that one can’t go by the comic book exclusively. Andrea who was killed off at the end of season 3 is still alive in the comic book (FYI: So is Sophia).

To make things more interesting I included two bonuses in the death pool. The first is guessing if your character dies by a walker or a human. If you guess correctly you get a +5 point bonus.

The second is if your deceased character ever returns as a walker in any of the remaining episodes of season 4 you earn the Super +1o points Bonus.

Feel free to download the scoring sheet by using this link TWD Deathpool (Season 4).

Good luck!



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