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The Walking Dead, S4 Episode 7: “Dead Weight”

What’s in store for the second episode of The Walking Dead miniseries “That’s our Gov!”? Will Martinez let the Gov out of the pit? Will he still be “Brian”? Will we see anyone from the prison??

5 Random Thoughts On episode 7 of The Walking Dead, “Dead Weight”.

As always if you haven’t seen episode 7 yet you might want to stop reading.

It’s spoiler city from here on out.

1. Hey! It’s Joe Toye / Alverez!


Hey it’s Joe Toye, or Alverez, or Mark Walberg’s buddy in “Invincible” // via AMCTV.com

I am a huge fan of the HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers” (and watched more “Oz” than I ever should have). It warms my heart every time I can spot a member of Easy Company in another show. Just off the top of my head:

Captain Winters – Homeland
Skip Muck – Supernatural
Bill Guarnere – Catch Me If You Can
Bull Randleman – Southland (and the 2nd half of Season 4 of TWD)
So I was happy to see Joe Toye (Played by Kirk Acevedo) appeared as ‘Mitch’ a member of Martinez’s crew. Acevedo is great as portraying tough, urban, streetwise characters that may or may not have a heart of gold. Mitch and his younger brother Pete act as Martinez’s right-hand men. They are sort of like the angel and the devil on Martinez’s shoulder. Pete believes in doing the right thing. Mitch, while not a bad person, understands the world he’s living in now and intends to survive by any means necessary.

“End of the world don’t mean shit….when you got a tank.” – Mitch

2. Guess we know who the special guest is


Aaaaannnd that’s a terrible way to go // via AMCtv.com

When it happened, I was very disappointed in Martinez’s death. Not his actual death mind you (that was brutal, and I loved it). I am just sad he died. I liked the character of Martinez and would have liked to see more from him. I understood why the Governor did it. Martinez was the only person left who knew what he did to his people (apparently the other guy ‘Bowman’ died. RIP Bowman). Martinez was the only connection between the Governor and Woodbury. It was only going to be a matter of time before Martinez let it slip to the Governor’s new family what sort of man he is. So I understood why he did it.

I don’t believe the Governor had planned on killing Martinez while they hit golf balls. I think once Martinez mentioned a co-leadership role and the Governor snapped. He was afraid of returning to the man he was. So he whacked him upside the head with the golf club. Right after he did it, you could see the regret on the Governor’s face. He knew that Martinez would never get over this and it was now even more likely that he would tell everyone about that whole mass murder thing. So Martinez had to go. RIP Martinez. If only you were a lefty. You might have seen it coming.


I thought he’d be a lot happier with the golf clubs 😦 – Martinez // via AMCtv.com

3. Brian is Dead! Long Live the Governor!

Yeah, remember what I said about the possibility of the Governor redeeming himself and possibly returning to the prison to find a haven for Megan. Yeah, forget all that. After Martinez’s “accident” Mitch and Pete elect Pete the new leader of the camp to much fan fair. They immediately take off on a supply run and bring the Governor. They stumble upon some campers who Mitch thinks they should rob. Pete wants to invite them back to the camp, but they compromise by leaving them alone. At that moment the Governor knows that his new family will never be safe with Pete in charge. He and his new family are in danger.

He still hasn’t gone full-Governor yet as he packs up everyone he cares about and tries to make a run for it. Of course, a horde of walkers who have become stuck in the mud block their escape. The Governor gets out and stares at this squirming mob and knows he cannot run from who he is. If he cannot protect his family on his own, then he will have to take over the group. He disposes of the too trusting Pete and convinces the too understand Mitch that he had to do it. RIP Pete. RIP Brian

4. Walkerpalooza Walkers!


Skrillex is the shit! // via AMCtv.com

The Walker Moment of the Night award was an easy one. It goes to the mud walkers mentioned above. I am naming them the “Walkerpalooza walkers.” Much like their annoying non-walker counterparts, they enjoy rolling around in the mud making a lot of noise and having people stare at them in disgust and disbelief.

5.  #(@#*! Mid-Season Finales

I hate midseason finales. AMC doesn’t want to compete with the NFL Playoffs, so they take a break to build up a ton of hype when they return in 2 1/2 months.

I don’t know about you, but nothing says the holidays like hungry walkers ripping apart characters we barely know. I think AMC is missing a great opportunity here. They should have a Walking Dead Christmas Special much the same way “Doctor Who” does every year. It could be a complete one-off episode that doesn’t even have to have any of the cast it in. They could cast it for this one episode. Show a bunch of survivors during Christmas when the shit hits the fan. Perhaps they could flee to a mall (as a homage to “Dawn of the Dead”), maybe they show us what it’s like for a group of survivors living in the North Pole? Maybe a guy who looks like Santa goes around kicking walker butt? Or a Hershel episode where he reminds us why he’s such a tough son-of-a-bitch.

You’re welcome AMC.

Lightning round questions/comments:

  • I seriously hope Mitch sleeps in that tank. I would never get out of it.
  • How great is it to have a tank during the Apocalypse?
  • Glad to see the Governor upgraded his fish tank.
  • So who killed those campers?
  • When is Abraham showing up?
  • Poor Pete, he was honest, kind, caring and no one believed in him, and then he gets whacked.
  • Do you think Martinez would still be alive if he didn’t ask Gov to hit golf balls?
  • Do you think Martinez would still be alive if he didn’t get drunk? Did the Gov see that as a sign of weakness?
  • Do you think Pete would still be alive if he didn’t ask the Gov to go on a run?
  • Isn’t there another road away from the campsite? One not blocked by Walkerpolooza Walkers?
  • Another surprise guest this week on The Talking Dead. You know what that means! My guesses are 1. Mitch. 2. Hershel 3. Sasha.

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