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The Walking Dead, S4 Episode 5: “Internment”

The away medicine search party is still away. Rick has returned without Carol. Hershel is one tough son of a bitch, and the superflu is making people super icky.

Here are some random thoughts on episode 5 of The Walking Dead “Internment”:

1. Walker Moment of the Night (WMotN)

In the past, Walker Moment of the Night (WMotN) awards were given out in one of three ways. 1) A single walker popping out of someplace unusual (BushWalkers.) 2) A walker being displayed uniquely gross way (hanging from the ceiling by his intestines walker.) 3. Or dispatching a walker in a creative way (face peeled off by spinning tire walker). This week we didn’t have one walker that made an impression on me. I guess we could have used the “Incubated Walker” that went after Lizzie. The one that Hershel ended up wrestling with like he was in some crazy steel cage match. That guy didn’t do it for me so though so instead I am going to give the coveted WMotN award to the horde of walkers that Rick and Carl put down. It was a scene that went from “Well crap, they’re boned” to “Well crap, they should have done this a long time ago.”

To set the scene, the most indestructible fence ever created by man finally buckled under the weight of a shit load of hungry walkers causing them to spill into the perimeter as Carl and Rick ran for their lives. Luckily they made it to what looked like a prison laundry cart filled with automatic weapons and ammo. I’m calling this scene the greatest bonding moment a father and son could ever have as they wipe out the horde and save the prison. Yaaay! It was a fun scene to watch as Rick up to this point of the season has been doing his best to “save” his son’s soul by keeping him away from these situations.


Taken from AMCTV.com

2.  It’s tough being Glenn


Glenn, giving us the sad (bloody) eyes. Borrowed from AMCtv.com

I feel like the creators of the show approached Steve Yeun (Glenn) and had the following conversation with him before the start of season 3:

Creator:  Okay, your character is going to spend half his screen time making out with Lauren Cohan (Maggie). Cool?
Steven: Yeah, that sounds awesome but what about the other half of the screen time?
Creator: Oh, that. You’ll be getting (mumble mumble mumble, trails off)
Steven: Um what was that? Sort of lost you at the end there.
Creator: (sigh) Okay, you’re going to get beat up a lot and when you’re not doing that you’re almost always nearly getting killed by walkers.
Steven: Oh.
Creator: Yeah, oh, and in season 4 you’re nearly going to die choking on your blood.
Steven: …..

I’ve seen a lot of gross stuff on this show but watching Glenn choke on his blood and bleed out of his eyes was horrible.


From AMCtv.com

3. You know who would be super helpful right about now?

I couldn’t help thinking since the away team was still gone. Rick and Maggie were running around the prison trying to keep the horde of walkers from bringing down the fence. Hershel was tending to everyone else who was sick. Beth was taking care of Lilith, and Carl was, well I have no idea what Carl was doing. I couldn’t help but think that with all their manpower stretched so thin that Carol sure would have been helpful right about now.

Sure you couldn’t have her helping Hershel with the sick seeing how her bedside manner is less Florence Nightingale and more Jack Kevorkian but she could have at least helped with the fence or sing a song with Beth or something. This episode dealt with a handful of people (Rick, Maggie, and Hershel) keeping everyone else safe and alive until Darryl and the away team returned. Able bodies have become as much of a vital resource as food, water, and shelter. With Rick deciding to cast Carol out he endangered her life but also the lives/safety of the group if the few healthy people left can’t keep things together.

Which brings me to something that annoys me about this show.

4. What is it about the undead apocalypse that some people don’t get?

So, if you’re alive at this point in season 4 of the show you’ve survived the end of the world for nearly two years. Not to sound cold but people should have a stronger grasp of the world they are living in now.

We still have creepy Lizzie talking to a walker thinking it recognized her (granted she is just a kid so we can give her a pass). Hershel doesn’t want to blow a walker’s head off in front of Lizzie and another kid so not to traumatize them (They’re living in an abandoned prison surrounded by sick/dying people that are coming back as walkers and are trying to eat them. They are so far beyond traumatized). Rick doesn’t want Carl to do anything except to come running when he calls him to tell him to continue to do nothing.

In fact, the people that understand exactly how the world works now and how to survive in it are constantly having to defend their actions to others (Shane, Carl, Carol, even the Governor). Granted all four of those people mentioned did some terrible things. All four have killed people in cold blood (but who hasn’t). But all of them did it for the greater good.

  • Shane shot Otis in the leg to buy him time to get away and return with the medicine to save Carl.
  • Carl shot a kid in the woods but was there to protect his baby sister and a one-legged old man. He didn’t know who this kid was except that he was armed and part of the group attacking their home.
  • Carol thought she was trying to stop a disease that could (and nearly did) wipe out the entire group.
  • Governor while completely psychotic created a haven that was well supplied and protected by a group of 50+ people up until they ran into Rick and Co.

In fact, three out of the four mentioned above are still alive, and the one that is dead didn’t die by a walker but by Rick (granted, again, Shane made some bad choices and trying to kill Rick was his last one).

This episode saw Rick finally realize that the best way for him to protect Carl and ensure he doesn’t turn into a cold-blooded killer was to have him by his side. Fighting, not hidden away.

That’s the fine line that Rick is going to have to walk with Carl. He needs him to be like he we were last season if he’s going to survive but he needs him to retain enough of his humanity so not to turn into Shane or the Governor.

5. Speaking of one-eyed Willie

Look who pops up right when the giant horde gets wiped out. It’s our cyclops friend The Governor. I was disappointed they didn’t kill off the Governor at the end of last season. While he’s probably the best antagonist in the comic and I did like his portrayal on the show I was looking forward to moving on. I was surprised when he mowed down his army at the end of last season and took off with Martinez and that other guy for what has to be the most awkward road trip ever.

I’m curious what the show has planned for him. I’ve seen some images from this week’s episode, and I am interested to see where they go. Is he responsible for the walkers centralizing in that one section of the fence? Was he the one feeding the walkers (Sorry Lizzie)? Has he refilled his ranks with a bunch of ruthless psychos? Why do I feel like he’s going to cross paths with Carol at some point, I have so many questions.

Lightning Round Questions

  • How is Darryl going to take Carol’s expulsion from the group? (my guess poorly)
  • How is Tyresse going to take learning that Carol was the one that iced his girlfriend? (my guess pouty)
  • Is Bob’Angelo Barksdale going to get his shit together? (C’mom Bob’Angelo!)
  • Are Martinez and that other dude still with the Governor? (50/50)
  • I heard that there is going to be a surprise guest on The Talking Dead this week. You know what that means. Someone is getting whacked.
  • My top 3 guesses are 1. Martinez.  2. Sasha.  3. Hershel.

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