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The Walking Dead, S4 Episode 4: “Indifference”

The away team is still, well, away. Rick and Carol go on a road trip. Bob’Angelo Barksdale is stressed. TYRESSE SMASH!

1. Walker Moment of the Night (WMotN)

In what I will fondly remember as the “BushWalkers.” The group comes across an auto body shop overgrown with weeds and begin hacking away at the shrubbery to get in. Tyresse still in semi-Hulk mode awakens the walkers stuck inside the brush.


These BushWalkers are not to be confused with the “Bushwhackers.”

The New Zealand tag team of my youth who rampaged through the WWF during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

2. I wouldn’t catch those apricots either

Rick and Carol haven’t heard from the away team, so they decide to scavenge on their own. They head to a quiet neighborhood and run into a young couple holed up inside a bathroom. I honestly can’t remember their names, so I am going to call them Gimpy & Limpy after their injuries. Gimpy (the dude) had a dislocated shoulder, and Limpy (the dudette) apparently had a leg injury that didn’t heal correctly.

After Rick and Carol dispose of the walker keeping them trapped Gimpy & Limpy (G&L) offer them some dried apricots as a peace offering. Rick, leery of new people (I wonder why?), keeps his hand cannon trained on them. Gimpy tosses some dried apricots which flop to the floor. Here’s a tip. If you’re trying to make friends in the zombie wasteland, dried apricots are not the way to go. They mind as well have tossed a human ear at them. Now, I’ve never eaten a human ear, but I imagine they taste basically like dried apricots.


3. I’d never stop smoking during the apocalypse

There was a moment when Darryl was fixing the minivan and chatting with Bob’Angelo Barksdale. They were both were smoking cigarettes when it occurred to me that you don’t see many people smoking on this show.  As a former smoker looking for a reason to fall off the wagon, this struck me like complete crap. I can guarantee you if I were still alive on this show I’d be smoking all damn day. Maybe there are just a lot fewer smokers in the apocalypse. Maybe they’re saying that smokers didn’t make it due to their hampered lung capacity. Cardio is important. I imagine though that the real reason is that there are rules or policies about showing characters smoking on TV. If that is the case, it’s odd that a show about flesh-eating zombies and people pushed to the brink of what it is to be human might be concerned that they’re influencing children to pick up smoking.

4. Oh, Bob’Angelo.

I have a soft spot for Bob’Angelo Barksdale because the actor playing him was on my all time favorite show “The Wire.” So I am concerned that his demons have gotten the best of him and his character arc is coming to an end. Threatening to pull a gun on Darryl is a no-no. Threatening to pull a gun on him because he discovered your bottle of booze in your bag when he should have been gathering medicine is asking for people to start rooting for your death. I hope the next episode Bob begins to redeem himself in the eyes of the group, but there didn’t appear to be any real closure yet. I’m putting Bob’s chances of making it out of next weeks episode at 50/50.

5.  Rick and Carol

Okay, here are my issues with Rick. Did he banish Carol because there happened to be a free ride for her?  Would he have done this if that car was never there? Or was it more like, “Oh, look it’s Gimpy and Limpy’s car. I guess they’re not going to need it anymore so how about you take off eh’ you hoser.”?  [I don’t know why I just slipped into a Bob & Doug McKenzie accent suddenly, but that’s what I sounded like in my head.]

During their back and forth I couldn’t help but notice that Carol brought up a couple of interesting points. The first was reminding Rick that his hands were not clean. He killed Shane (in self-defense) and that poor hiker that he didn’t pick up (twice), he ended up dying. She also had a great line about his step back in the leadership of the group the past few months, “You can be a farmer Rick, but you can’t just be a farmer.”

No other member of the group (besides perhaps Darryl) has stepped up more than Carol since Rick stepped down as the primary leader of the group. Her decision while wrong was at least wrong for the right reasons. I believe Rick thinks he is sparing Carol’s life by sending her away. Tyresse is not in the right state of mind and would most likely snap Carol’s neck when he finds out.

Another deviation from the comic, so I am excited to see what/where Carol goes from here. I’d like to see a heel turn by her. Cast out by Rick she forms a new group of survivors. Perhaps, she returns to the prison for revenge or to make a play for the prison herself.

Lightning Round Questions:

  • What happened to Gimpy, Limpy was killed by walkers but no sign of Gimpy?
  • Now we have regular walkers and infected walkers, wonderful.
  • What happened to the horde of walkers that nearly caught Daryl & Co.?
  • We still don’t know who has been feeding those walkers. Though the more Lizzie speaks, the more I’m sure it was her.
  • How is Darryl going to react upon learning Carol is gone?
  • Is Rick going to explain why?
  • Yaaa no creepy Beth this week.
  • Where is Carol going? I can’t imagine that’s the end for her.  I wonder if we see her later down the road, perhaps teamed up with an old enemy, a one-eyed enemy maybe?

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