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[5RTO] The Brandcenter: Year One

60 weeks. That’s the amount of time she said. In my brain I understood this program was going to take two years to complete. But two years sounds easy. 60 … Continue reading

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Don’t call it a laundry room

You can learn a lot about someone when you live in his house. Even if he’s not staying with you. This is the story of a utility room. Don’t call it … Continue reading

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It happened suddenly a couple of weeks ago, in midst of turning our lives upside down and moving out of our townhouse, we had to say goodbye to our dog – Ruby. She … Continue reading

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Turning My Life Upside Down

Some of you might have seen the post a few weeks ago titled Brandcenter Copywriting Ads. In it I displayed ads that were part of an application I submitted to … Continue reading

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I was a cautions child. When presented with the option of running head first into an unknown (most likely super fun) situation I preferred to think things through. Let someone else go … Continue reading

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[5RTO] Our San Diego Vacation (without kids)

The last time my wife and I flew together was to Spain three years ago. We brought our then 1 year old with us. 12 hours before our flight we … Continue reading

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[5RTO] Moving

I’ve moved before. While in college I moved a bunch of times. First into freshmen dorms, then into a student apartment, then back home for a semester (whoopsie) then back to … Continue reading

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[5RTO] topics to aviod during a job interview

[This is a post I originally wrote a few months ago but didn’t post due to my companies “no blogging about work stuff” policy. Since I no longer work there … Continue reading

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